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Did you have a website that was closed but the domain is still there (parked or hosted) that you don’t have control over? May be you had web hosting for a year or two somewhere and then the web hosting period was over. Make sure you take control of your domain. If your domain is on your business name, it is very important to you and you do not want anybody else to take its control to manipulate you later. Don’t lose control of your domain unless its not useful to you. Your domain is your property. We can register it for you and manage it on your behalf but it is your property as long as you renew its registration each year (or as per contract). You are your domain’s owner. If you register a domain, it is your responsibility to keep it alive if its important to you. If you won’t continue its registration and it expires, then anybody else can register it on his name and ask for extra fees from you in case you need your domain later. So if you lost your domain and now you see advertisements on that domain or its in somebody else’s possession, let us know. We can show you details of who (name, person location, contact number and more) has control over your domain and how can you contact him to get your domain back.

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    We can help you get your lost domain. Following are more information related to domain ownership and registration that we believe you should know. At anytime you can contact us for further information.

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    Do what you do best while we take care of keeping your website online, safe and secure. Your data and business with FridayHost is safe. If you do not want to get web hosting package for a year, you can check with support if its available for one month period. If it is, you can pay for one month and actually test it in real time before you decide to go with it. We guarantee that you will stay with FridayHost because we want you to succeed.