Your domain is your property. Claim your domain while its available. Register a domain and start building your online presence.

Domain Registration & Management

Domain registration is the first step towards online presence of your business. You can register domains, add web hosting to it and manage it via control panel. Domain registrations cost yearly at the minimum. FridayHost provides you complete control over your domains. You can create custom email addresses based on your domains. Manage domains from your Web Hosting Control Panel and receive 24/7/365 support from domain experts.


Domain Registration

Take the first step to building your website by registering a domain name. Your first domain is *free (.com, .net, .info, .org, .us, .biz, .in, .uk, .eu, .mobi) with your web hosting account and CPanel. After that, you will pay for more domains.

Domain Transfer

We’d love to manage your domain on your behalf. Initiate a domain transfer today to manage your web hosting and domain names from your control panel. Domain transfer fees applies on all transfers that is usually the same as registration fees but it actually renews the domain for one more year after successful transfer. So basically you will be transferring your domain to us and renewing it for one more year.

PK Domain Registration

Register a PK based domain (.pk, etc.) and manage it through control panel. PK domain orders are processed manually and can take up to 24 hours in some cases. Usually its processed in one to two hour(s). Pk domains are registered for 2 years at the minimum.

Domain Renewal

Renew your domain that is approaching expiry date. You can renew your domain from your web hosting account. Make sure you renew before it expires or in another case it can go under grace period after it expires and in that period only you can claim (restore) it back but at an extra fee. After grace period, it is deleted and can be registered again by anyone.

Domain Privacy

Manage domain privacy for free. All domains that we manage receive free ID protection. We encourage you to use your original details for domain Whois records but if you want to hide your personal information in Domain Whois records to avoid email spam, we are happy to protect your privacy for free.

Transfer Domain

If you are moving somewhere else from FridayHost or you want to manage your domains by yourself, you can take control of your domains anytime. It is your property and you can do whatever you want with it. No extra fee at all. Just take control. We will even help you in transfer – free of charge.

Domain Registration Fees

We have more than 220 domain extensions available. Only most used domain extensions are listed below. Please contact us for your domain if it is not listed below. Domain and hosting are separate products and are charged separately at FridayHost.

TLDMin YearsRegister / Transfer / Renew
.com1$10.79 /yr
.net1$14.89 /yr
.org1$13.09 /yr
.info1$16.89 /yr
TLDUsageMin YearsRegister / Transfer / Renew (Per 2 Years)
.PKGeneral Domain2Rs 2,500
.COM.PKGeneral Business, or Individual2Rs 2,500
.EDU.PKEducational Institutes2Rs 2,500
.GOV.PKDomains for Government of Pakistan2Rs 2,500
.NET.PKNetwork Related Business2Rs 2,500
.ORG.PKNon-profit Organizations2Rs 2,500
.FAM.PKFamily and Individuals2Rs 2,500
.BIZ.PKGeneral Business, Promotional2Rs 2,500
.WEB.PKWeb Sites2Rs 2,500
.GOB.PKDomains for Government of Baluchistan2Rs 2,500
.GOG.PKDomains for Government of Gilgit Baltistan2Rs 2,500
.GKP.PKDomains for Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa2Rs 2,500
.GOP.PKDomains for Government of Punjab2Rs 2,500
.GOS.PKDomains for Government of Sindh2Rs 2,500
.GOK.PKDomains for Government of Azad Kashmir2Rs 2,500

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You Are In Good Company

Do what you do best while we take care of keeping your website online, safe and secure. Your data and business with FridayHost is safe. If you do not want to get web hosting package for a year, you can check with support if its available for one month period. If it is, you can pay for one month and actually test it in real time before you decide to go with it. We guarantee that you will stay with FridayHost because we want you to succeed.