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Go beyond traditional email. Brand your email address. Keep email separate from website.

Business Class Email Solutions

Simple, Powerful Email for Small Businesses. Give your business a professional makeover with With each web hosting account at FridayHost, you can create free email accounts right from your control panel and access emails by using SquirrelMail, RoundCube or Horde. You have option in your control panel to select any of those programs to view email. If you are looking for more professional email solution, then we have several other options for you. Go beyond traditional email programs that come with your hosting account. You don’t have to be our web hosting customer to gain these business class email services. You need a registered domain name to use these services. Claim with all the bells and whistles.

Business Email
$0.68Per Month / Email
  • 5 GB Storage Plus Backup
  • Intuitive and Responsive Design
  • Inbuilt Virus Protection
  • 100% Uptime and Security
  • Calendars and Contacts
  • Affordable and Reliable
  • Business Email Address
  • Emails Backup
  • Virus Protection
  • Mobile/Tablets Support
  • Calendars, Contacts and Tasks
  • Social Media in your Inbox
  • POP, IMAP, MAPI Support
Enterprise Email
$2.01Per Month / Email
  • 30 GB Storage
  • 25 GB Email & 5 GB Files Storage
  • Stay Organised
  • Smart Widgets
  • Business Email Address
  • Emails Backup
  • Virus Protection
  • Mobile/Tablets Support
  • Calendars, Contacts and Tasks
  • Social Media in your Inbox
  • POP, IMAP, MAPI Support
$3.17Per Month / Email
  • 30 GB Storage
  • Mail, Calendar, Hangouts
  • Google Drive Storage
  • Business Email (via Gmail)
  • Professional Office Suite
  • Business Apps/Docs
  • Integrated Calendars
  • Team Collaboration
  • Virus Protection
  • Video and Voice Conferencing

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Why Use Separate Email

There’s a number of reasons people and businesses choose to use separate email hosting, one of which being increased redundancy. Let’s say the site hosting your website goes offline. If email is on there too, you’re pretty much out of business. If email is hosted elsewhere, you still have means of communicating and getting some work done. If your website is having having problems, you can use your separate email hosting as a means of letting people know. It’s generally advisable to keep things separate if it’s truly mission critical, and comes back to the old saying of not having all your eggs in one basket. Additionally, in some cases, websites aren’t the forefront for some people and businesses – they do most of what they do via email and not a website. They might not even (or want) need a website at all, in which case, email hosting is ideal.

  • Intuitive and Responsive Design:
    Beautifully designed state of the art webmail platform. You can also access your email on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Inbuilt Virus Protection:
    Our advanced anti-virus technology secured your inbox and ensures that you are protected from downloading malware and viruses.
  • 5 GB Storage Plus Backup:
    In addition to 5GB mail storage, your emails are backed up in our state-of-the-art infrastructure so that you never lose important mails.
  • 100% Uptime and Security:
    Our high-end mail storage infrastructure guarantees zero data loss and redundancy, along with 100% network uptime.
  • Calendars and Contacts:
    Manage contacts and keep track of all your meetings in one place with advanced productivity tools.

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You Are In Good Company

Do what you do best while we take care of keeping your website online, safe and secure. Your data and business with FridayHost is safe. If you do not want to get web hosting package for a year, you can check with support if its available for one month period. If it is, you can pay for one month and actually test it in real time before you decide to go with it. We guarantee that you will stay with FridayHost because we want you to succeed.